Monday, May 16, 2011

Addons, Mostly

So I have maxed out enchanting on my druid now as well as tailoring, and have been making some of my gold back I spent on power leveling them (10k total...).

I have found that I can sell Scroll of Enchant Boots - Haste for almost 100g per (I made 5 for skill ups) and they all sold. They only cost me around 20g to make one, so that is a nice profit just for leveling up. Don't discount some of the lesser scrolls, people will buy them.

The rest of this post will be devoted to a few of the addons I use, and how to use them effectively yourself.
*This post will contain screenshots later*

The first addon I will talk about is auctionator. I find that it is superior to auctioneer in multiple ways, namely the buy and sell tabs. When you go to the buy tab, you search for the item you want, and it scans all occurrences of that item. It then shows you the cheapest in gold-per-item. This way, you can always get the best deal. And when buying multiple stacks, you can just click a single button to buy the next one, until all of the stacks are gone, saving you time.

Another useful Auctionator tool is the shopping list feature. When you create a shopping list, it will be blank. When you search for an item with your shopping list selected, you can click the "Add item to Shopping List" button. You can add multiple items to this list and then use the "Search for All Items" button to search for the entire shopping list. This is especially useful when you are in the glyph market, as you can create a shopping list of all of the herbs required to create each ink used for glyph making (I also add Cataclysm herbs to all of these lists as well, because sometimes they are cheaper than Northrend and Outland herbs, and I can just trade inks). Another use of this is when comparing the three cataclysm ores, or the prices of rare gems, their uncommon counterparts, and the herbs required to transmute the uncommons into rares.

The next addon is TradeSkillMaster. Others have put this to use more than I have (The Consortium Forums), since I only use it for one thing - The post button. I create a group of every single glyph I can craft, set my undercut to 2g, fallback to 190g, and threshold to 15g. Then, once they are all added to the group, I can just go to the auction house, hit the post button on TSM, and wait while it scans, and then I click the post button like mad to post the hundreds of auctions.

The final addon for today is Advanced Tradeskill Window (which I have been using in lieu of Skillet recently, and have come to like it more). You can create queues of the items you want to craft, and any mats you need will be put into a shopping list that can be viewed at an auction house. It also has the ability to buy all of your needed vendor materials for items in the queue, with a single click. Then you can process the queue. You have to click the process button after one specific item is done (like if you have 100 blackfallow inks and 5 inferno inks in the queue, after crafting the 100 blackfallows you have to click process again). It also makes enchanting easier, because when processing multiple similar enchants, after one is finished it is immediately ready to put onto another scroll, without having to move across the screen to click the buttons again in the tradeskill window.

Well that concludes today's post, until I add pictures later on. Feel free to contact me if you need clarification.

Feliz lunes

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