Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Collections Report

 Collections from this past week. I'm going to follow suit with one of my favorite bloggers, Stokpile, and post numbers first. Then updates on what happened.

Profits: 1k (I bought epics lol)




I had 4 full stacks of Inferno Ruby's, and now I have 6 left. Sadly I cannot find an easy way to come buy these, as they are on my AH for 100g (as of last night). I have a few carnelians and stacks of heartblossom, but I do not have an alchemist of my own and do not want to pay a lot for tips, and I also do not know if rare gem transmutes have a cooldown. If anyone knows, can they let me know? I'd appreciate it.

Glyphs sold all right. I posted mine up immediately after the rolling restarts and made another 1k gold. I didn't post them last night as I was on the DK the entire time running heroics and doing gems stuff. The red gems were selling out so fast I had to constantly restock the AH with 4 at a time, causing me to use 57 of them in like 2 hours. This new gear was in definite need of some gem love, and I was providing it.

I am trying hard to get the Glyph of Frost Armor, but sadly it is completely random from my Northrend Inscription Research, and I cannot currently craft every single glyph (I was a late-comer in Wrath). So that is a dilemma as they are selling for 3-400g a piece on my server. Do wants. I wish I would've stocked up on Books of Glyph Mastery prior to Cata, as the prices on them have skyrocketed, I didn't have the funds to buy them, since I was once very, very poor. I would've never fathomed that I would have the amount of gold I have right now, but to me it is not enough. I doubt I will make my goal of 100k by the end of May, because I keep buying things that I cannot resell. It is quite depressing, but at least I am having fun right? Maybe I will get there if I can keep up my profits. Only time will tell.

I need to finish leveling my alts so that I may have more professions, but I get so bored and lazy while doing it. I want to gear my DK up, but I want the extra profs to cash in on them. I need to level faster, but to do that I need to get more heirloom items, which I need to get by running heroics on my DK, which is a never ending cycle of me not doing anything productive for a very long time. I need to get some tank gear for insta queue heroics, or find a tank friend. Both would help me to get my professions up faster with more heirlooms. My brother needs to get his paladin to 85, so that he can tank for me. I don't want to drop tens of thousands of gold on tanking gear, as it would take time to make up that investment.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Niche Markets

Have you ever gone to the Auction House to sell something you think might sell well, but when you get there don't see anything up? You may have found a niche market, and you don't even realize it. I found one of those this afternoon. I posted up the Hunter's Inks I got from milling low level herbs for glyphs. I posted all of them up at 7 gold, because why not?

All of them sold.

Every single one. I didn't understand why, but someone had bought up all of these seemingly insignificant inks, and I made 60 gold. Now 60 gold isn't a lot, but it's 60 more gold I didn't have before and 60 gold I wasn't expecting to have from those items. They can only craft two things: Mystic Tome and Mysterious Tarot. Personally I think that the tarot was crafted, since they are a quick and easy way to get Darkmoon Faire rep, often much cheaper than buying the higher level decks. I'm going to start selling all of the lower level inks that can produce tarots, and see how well they sell. If there is a consistent market, I may start buying more of these lower level herbs to craft my glyphs. We shall see in the next few days how this works out.

Niche markets can be a nice bonus to any AH goblin, resulting in many tiny trickles of gold that will all add up in the end. If I sold 100 of these, that would be 700 gold. At 5-10g per stack of herbs, and about 2 inks per stack, I would be making 4-9g per stack just from these rare inks. That would be a nice little addition to my glyph income, and every amount of income is appreciated by me.

Any niche markets you have found recently that you want to share with the gold-making community? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oversight? Or intentional?

I noticed as I logged into 4.1 today that the change to cut gem vendor prices is true, and they are vendoring for 75 silver. However, something else I noticed is that the raw gems are still vendoring for 5g. Was this an oversight, or did Blizzard leave it this way intentionally? Whatever the reasoning behind it, it still gives bots a good reason to farm ore because they can sell it confidently for 20-25g a stack, because we can now just vendor the raw uncommons. The fact that these uncommons still vendor for 5g changes everything... again. 4.1 ruined the ore market and raised gems to higher prices, but the demand increased while supply decreased. With the recent discovery that raws still vendor for 5g, then the supply could start back up if others (including farmers) also noticed this change and were still confident with getting slightly smaller profits but the same rate of sales as before. I have yet to read anywhere else posting about this, so I thought I would bring it up. *Edit* Power Word:Gold, also noticed and commented on this change. This is a quick post this evening, as I have some heroics to run!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Back!

I am back from my weekend hiatus, and will post my gold totals. I don't have collection reports since MySales broke, but I can post pictures of tonigh and where I was 9 days ago, gold-wise.

Above is where I was on April 16. I had 31k gold.

Tonight, Auditor shows me at 49k gold, after  ought the herbs needed to refresh my glyphs. So, I made 18k in 9 days, or an average of 2k a day. Man, 2000 gold used to seem like a ton to me. I remember at the beginning of Cata, I had to borrow gold from my friend to buy epic flying. Times have changed haha.

And the above picture is what my action bar looks like when I am crafting. I have 2 mill macros, a prospect macro, and macros for selling uncommon gems of each color.

Glyphs are still my primary market, and those shadowspirit diamonds are rotting away, not selling, and I am sad. Hopefully 4.1 will turn that around for me.

Tomorrow I will post tips and such. Until then, have a great Monday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I had things come up that have prevented me from posting my totals tonight. I will be gone most of the weekend and may be back Sunday to post up a little later. I'm posting this from a phone. I will post Sunday night, Monday at the latest. I wish not to share what's going on, but I hope it will resolve soon. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and are looking forward to my post.

Gems and Such

I decided that I am going to start posting totals for the "end of the week" on Thursday nights from now on. This post is not the post about my totals, that will come later this evening. This post is about gems.

In 4.1, the new heroics will come out. Inside of these heroics is a lot of gear. Inside of all of this gear, there are gem sockets. Sockets need gems, right? Right. So gems are going to be in demand, but after a week or so, the supply will go down. Why? Because of the uncommon gem vendor price crash. There won't be people prospecting hundreds of stacks of ore every day, and there won't be hundreds of stacks to prospect anyways. So, I am building up a stockpile of rare gems, namely Inferno Ruby's. There are a lot of red sockets on the gear, and people will want to put red gems in other sockets as well because it is better stat-wise. I didn't put a yellow gem into my Elementium Girdle of Pain because I knew I would benefit more from a 40 strength inferno ruby than I would a yellow gem and a 10 strength socket bonus. So straight stat gems will sell best. Intellect, strength, and agility gems are what I will be selling. I am going to have a stock of 6 of each waiting and I have 5 stacks of raw inferno rubies at the moment, and am hoping to get some more before patch day hits.

Yesterday I bought 50 Shadowspirit Diamond for 5000g, or 100g a piece. I can sell my Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamonds for 140g each, which will result in a profit of 2k if they all sell for that price. I'm not posting all of them up right now, obviously, as prices are always changing. It was a heavy investment, but I will be stocked for a while and as long as I keep the prices above 106 gold, I will profit (adjusted for AH cut), and at those prices, profits will suck at 70s a gem. But I am hoping with the new patch that the new caster helm will receive some meta gem love and I can get the intellect rare recipe for cheap. If I can pick that one up, then I will get much higher profits from these metas, which will greatly please my coin pouch. My current goal is to achieve 100k by the end of the school year (so end of May). I hope I can keep up my profits until then, and meet this goal like I met my first one (I was above 50k earlier this week, but that 5k worth of metas changed that XD).

Happy Thursday, and I will post up my total gold later this evening.

Also, I am going to start posting pictures. Sometimes they will be used to further along my discussion, and other times they will not. The following is of the latter:
Also, check out It is a blog my friend wrote about our friend Brandon, who is most definitely a centaur.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I just added this as a page as well, check it out at the top tabs. This is a compilation of addons I use to play the AH, and I provided links to their download pages as well.

AddOn Control Panel - This useful addon allows you to toggle addons between on and off while logged on to your character, and also allows you to reload your UI. Very useful in some situations.

Altoholic - Altoholic can keep record of what items all of your alts have and can even show guild banks (for your bank guild, obviously). I use this when I am using Skillet to craft my glyphs to see which ones I have currently so that I always have 4 of each.

Auctionator - Now this addon is much better in my honest opinion. It has a much better selling UI, as you can put the item up and set how many stacks of X you want to post up, and it will undercut always. But the best part of Auctionator is the buying UI. You search for what you want, and it gives you the cheapest occurence of that item on a per-item basis. So a stack of 20 of X that is 10g will be priced lower than a stack of 5 of X at 5g. So it will enable you to always buy the cheapest items.

Auctioneer - Who doesn't use Auctioneer? It scans the AH and gives prices for many things and has a slightly better posting UI than the normal AH, and can sort things better when you search for them.

Auditor - Keeps track of all of your gold, incoming and outgoing, on many different criterias, like mail, vendors, AH, etc. You can also sort it by day, session, week, month, or total.

MySales - This addon keeps track of all of your sales and tells you who bought them. You can also add a POI (person of interest) and have it track them, so you can see who is buying up all of your stock all the time.

Postal - Auto collects your mail. That's all it does, besides tell you how much gold you collect, but extremely useful nonetheless.

Skillet - Extremely useful in that I can set up queues to craft items and the shopping list is saved between alts so I know what I need to buy and how much of it.

TradeSkill Master - I use TSM only for posting, because the group/post interface is the greatest thing ever. I do not use the crafting part, but you can find guides on how to use the rest of the addon on The Consortium Forums.

Are there any addons that you use that I didn't list that help you? If so, leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I'll try it out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tip Storm!

Since my last few posts haven't been much of tips, more of just unneeded rambling, I have decided to give a few good tips that I have learned or seen over the last few years of my WoW playing. On a side note, I have added the ability to easily add this page to your RSS feed, on the right side of the page. It was advice from another blogger, and I am happy to receive any advice people are willing to give to me. Another suggestion I received was to set up a Twitter page, which I will do in a short while, and provide a link on the sidebar for you to easily find it *EDIT* I have added a Contact Me page to the top bar that contains links to the RSS feed, my email, and twitter. I also moved the suggested links section to its own page, and I am working on compiling an addon page that will list the addons I use and a brief tutorial on how to use them. Expect that in a day or so. *EDIT*

And now, onto the tips!

Power Leveling Professions

Having many professions is an integral part of any goblin's ability to make mountains of gold. And how to level characters and professions are another important part of this. When I was low on gold, I had to level my DK's JC by picking up mining and getting most of the old world materials myself. I realized then that when leveling a character, pick up gathering professions even if you're going to drop them later on, so that you can get materials cheaper. If you're going to be in a low level area, why not pick up some low level herbs to level alchemy, or skin some beasts to level your leatherworking, or any other combination of gathering professions and crafting professions. This way, you are getting your materials as you level and will end up saving precious gold when you finally start powering through 524 levels of a crafting profession.

Pick up Recipes, Throw on AH

Sinshroud over on The Consortium Forums has written two guides on limited supply, one for Outland and one for Ironforge. While they are Alliance side guides, they can be easily adapted to Horde side. Using this simple method and a small amount of gold, you can make a decent amount, even at low levels. This is a nice and simple trick for when you move to a new server or are low on gold and need to make a quick buck. Some people just do not realize that these recipes can be bought from vendors and will buy them up for ludicrous amounts of gold.

Another Tip for Those low on Gold

You can buy enchanting vellums from the vendor for mere silvers, and some people will buy them up on the AH for more than you paid for them. Obviously research on your server before doing this so you don't buy a thousand of them and then have an "oh shi-" moment. Another way to do this is with dust of disappearance and the lower level one whose name escapes me at this time. But be careful with these, as they sometimes have high deposit costs and may end up being a loss if you post them up for too little.

Solo Runs

A thing I have learned from experience as well as from watching Raegwyn's Videos, is that running solo runs of old instances can result in some major gold. While they are nerfing a lot of these bosses, you can still make some good money. I ran through Heroic Nexus the other day for fun and achievements, and made over 200g in half an hour from selling all of the items and gold drops from bosses. This can also be good if you are low on cash at level 85, are just bored while waiting in DPS queues, or for pure nostalgia (I do them for the latter of the two reasons).

Buying Uncommon Gems and Vendoring

While this strategy will not hold out for very long, if you see any cut uncommon gems for less than 9g, buy them and vendor them. Come 4.1 this will no longer be viable, but is good for the time being.

Flipping Items

If you want to flip items, use The Undermine Journal to get a feel for how much the item you want to flip sells for normally, and then either set it up on The Undermine Journal's e-mail snatch list feature, or using an auctioneer or similar addon's feature to do this as well. Then, when you are doing a scan, the addon will pick up the lower priced auctions and let you know, so you can buy low and sell normal for profit. And profit is what we goblins are all about, right?

Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. If so, please share with your friends! If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an Email, and once I get twitter up an running, you can follow me there and ask as well.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another week before 4.1!

According to MMO champion, we have at least another week until 4.1 comes out. Which gives me another week to get rid of these valor boots I bought over the weekend and stockpile more gems to sell when the new heroics come out.

In gold related news, I am now above 50k, which is a big stepping stone into a larger pool of money that will await me in the future. I have created another glyph bank alt out of necessity, because of how many glyphs I am selling. It reduces my AH time by reducing the amount of mail I have to open on each character and then move stuff into the bank and then out of it. This makes things simpler. My friend gave me 20k gold for helping him out in the real world, which I spent most of gearing out my DK (which was nice!) I spent 17k in 29 minutes, because I didn't want to count that money towards what I earned myself. This coming weekend I plan on getting my Druid to cata profession levels and hopefully another toon as well. This will give me more diversity in gold making and hopefully increase my markets substantially.

In raiding news, did a quick BH today and won epic PVP pants. While I wanted the t11, they were better than my crafted PVP gear that I bought in the first week of cata. Hopefully I will find a raiding guild soon.

I lowered my glyph threshold to 15g and have been making around 2k a day in glyph profits alone. I decided that from now on Thursdays will be my restock day, when I will craft all of my glyphs. I am going to build stockpiles of herbs that I can get for cheap (below 30g) and make sure I always have enough to restock.

As I end this evening, I am going to say that both my Alts made the top sellers list on my server this week! Not bad for a newcomer to the AH game with only 50k to his name! Good luck, bank smrt!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Current State of my Glyph Market

Sorry for missing posts the last two days. I have been really busy with life and couldn't even log on. I was buying and selling with the Mobile Ah (which needs to be rid of the 200 transactions a day limit >.<). Anywho, here is what I have written for today.

The auction house cut is 5% of the price your auction sold at (winning bid). So if I 
sell my all of my glyphs at my threshold (29g99s99c), then the AH cut is 1g49s99c. 
Meaning I will make 28g50s, plus my deposit of 1s. At 1.33 glyphs as a minimum per 
stack of 20, or 4 glyphs per 3 stacks (I always buy herbs in an amount of stacks 
divisible by 3), then for every 3 stacks of herbs I can get a minimum of 114g. 
Which means that any stack of herbs that is more than 38g will result in a loss, at 
the minimum glyph/stack ratio. Stacks that I buy at 28g50s will be a loss for the 
first 3 glyphs (because of the cost of parchments) and profitable (although very 
minimally) for the 4th glyph. 114 gold for a 25g profit is not that bad of a number 
in the grand scheme of things, however. And that is at the bare minimum, assuming I 
only get 2 pigments per mill and don't get any uncommon pigments. Considering the 
odds for that happening are extremely low (no math on this however), I will 
definitely be making a greater profit than 25g at those prices for herbs.I'm also 
considering converting another character into a glyph bank, because of the sheer 
volume of glyphs I sell. Have each of them manage 5 classes in the glyph system. 
I think that'll be a project for this weekend. My friends and I all also started 
new toons on a brand new server to cap at 70 for BC raiding. I'm going to try and 
make a small fortune on that character as well in the weeks to come. If I find 
interesting ways to make some cash, I will definitely post up on here for you all 
to read.
Also, share with your friends! I'm going to try to update this regularly and 
hope to get a small number of readers. I'm very good at math, and albeit this math 
in today's post is very simple, I'm sure I will run into some more difficult math 
down the road that I will share. Good day, and good luck in all of your endeavors! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hell that is Currently Jewelcrafting

After the datamined material form MMO-Champion that stated that uncommon cata gems would vendor for 75s, everything has gone down hill. A couple weeks ago, I bought 400 stacks of elementium ore under 36g. Yesterday, they were 26 stacks. In the whole auction house, at 50g per. NO ONE is farming ore anymore.

I am predicting that because of this, a few weeks after 4.1 hits rare gem prices will increased, after a majority of people empty out their stockpiles. Because no one is prospecting huge volumes of ore anymore, the market will not be as flooded. I'm hoping this is the case, because then I will begin to profit more off of my rare gems.

I am currently making around 1000g a day with gems by undercutting by 1g. I post 4 of each cut I have up at a time, and if prices are way low I post mine up at 99g99s99c. They usually sell. I always post for 12 hours because of how expensive deposits are.

A good thing about this market going into the toilet however, is that players and botters are now farming herbs. While I do not condone botting in any sense, they do allow me to buy cheap materials. I am getting cinderbloom for 20g a stack, and can craft a ton of glyphs with how much I can buy so cheaply. I did simple math to calculate that every stack of herbs yields at minimum 1 and 1/3 glyphs, meaning every 3 stacks yields a minimum of 4 glyphs. With my threshold of 30g, if I posted at my threshold every time and they sold, I would make around 60g profit for every 4 stacks of herbs. While that isn't great money, it isn't bad if I can consistently get sales. It would also drive some of my competitors out of the market, which could be a bonus as well.

I do not know what the changes in 4.1 and 4.2 will bring to my markets, but I am hoping that something turns out in my favor.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How I make my Gold (as of now)

Since I currently only have two professions maxed out, I am limited on options as to how to make a lot of gold. I use Jewelcrafting, but my main bacon bringer right now is Inscription. I use Auctionator to build lists of all the herbs used for every type of pigment that can create glyphs, and I also put cataclysm herbs in each of these lists to compare prices, since the ink traders are in the major cities (Org and SW) now. I always buy the cheapest herbs for each and I am at a point now where I have every single glyph I can craft, crafted

I craft 4 of each glyph and when I post, I post in 24 hour increments. Currently I do not do a cancel/repost cycle with these, since I am moving close to 1000 of them every day anyways. I deep undercut by 2g, and have a threshold of 30g, that I will never go below. When something is below my threshold, I will post my glyphs at 90g.

If I happen to be buying a lot of cataclysm herbs, I use the fiery pigments I receive and either sell the inks, or if Volatile Life is cheap, I will craft Darkmoon Cards.

I am currently making a couple thousand gold every day from glyphs alone, and whenever my glyphs sell I use my stockpile of blackfallow inks to trade in and restock all of my glyphs.

That's all for today. Tomorrow I will post about how I make money with Jewelcrafting. If there is something you would like me to post on or would like a personal opinion on, leave a comment or Email

Have a good day, and good luck Banking Smrt!

Monday, April 11, 2011

First post. Ever.

Hey all! This is my first ever post on a blog. I will start off with a little bit about myself and what I am here to do. I am a casual World of Warcraft player and avid video game player. I am starting college in the fall of 2011 at a 4 year university. This blog will contain information on how I make gold, what I am doing pve/pvp wise, other blogs/things I suggest, and maybe occasional information about other video games (but these will be few and far between). So stay a while and listen. At the time of this posting, I have 30k gold liquid and have one character with max professions, a DK with Inscription and Jewelcrafting.  I have a level 72 druid with Tailoring and Enchanting that I will max out next, followed by a level 71 Paladin with Mining and Blacksmithing, another DK (transferred from another realm) with Engineering and Alchemy, and a 42 shaman who will have Leatherworking, and be another Alchemist. My current goal is to 50k liquid by the end of April. Stick with me as I march on towards it!